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Future Linux id Software titles unlikely

by on07 February 2013

Source code releases in the future up in the air

The possibility of Linux versions of future id Software titles is unlikely, according to a post by John Carmack on Reddit. A Linux version barely makes his top ten priorities; and he apparently is only interested in it as from not as much of a technical challenge as from an academic perspective.

Carmack shares the current opinion of many that you can’t really make a good business case for supporting Linux with mainstream games; and despite the unofficial binaries that id used to release, Zenimax has no such policy. In addition, Zenimax has never published any Linux titles and partners with Aspyr for the release of Mac version of Zenimax titles.

While Carmack has championed the continued tradition of releasing id source code, that is also apparently up in the air at this time. He will continue to push internally for the release of the source code; but he isn’t pushing for Linux ports, despite the work that Valve is doing in this area with a Linux release of Steam.

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