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March 28th release for LEGO City: Undercover

by on06 February 2013

Will remain a Wii U exclusive for the time being

LEGO City: Undercover is set for release to retailers on March 28th. The game will remain a Wii U exclusive, but a 3DS title in the LEGO City series is at least planned. No other plans apparently exist to bring Undercover to other platforms.

According to developers Travellers Tales, the game “would definitely lose something on other platforms.” The developer has not yet confirmed if plans exist to bring the LEGO City-themed titles to other platforms in the future, but if the title is successful on the Wii U then it seems natural that the developer might bring it to other consoles.

LEGO video game fans can rest easy, however, as a number of other offerings are coming for a number of different platforms in the months ahead; the biggest is the Marvel Super Heroes offering that we only recently learned is in development.

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