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No Crysis 3 for Wii U

by on08 January 2013

No business driver for EA to do it

Wii U will not be getting Crysis 3, reports Crytek boss Cevat Yerli. While Yerli says that he would have liked to seen Crysis 3 make its way to the Wii U, the decision was out of his hands. Electronic Arts’ decision not to release Crysis 3 for the Wii U is apparently based on the fact that publisher EA feels no business drive to do so.

The game was originally developer for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, so the game would have to be ported to the Wii U platforms, as it was not designed from the start with the Wii U in mind; it would be a full blown conversion to the Wii U. While Yerli admits that Crytek can’t publish it themselves and if it is a business decision that does not make sense for EA, Nintendo and EA would have to come together to change that decision.

Crytek has indicated previously that there was at least a possibility that Crysis 3 might make it to the Wii U, but at the time the company said it had no additional details. In the end, sources tell us that the lackluster sales of other EA titles on the Wii U platform have made the company a bit skeptical about the potential success of a title like Crysis 3 on the platform, especially after the company has seen the sales numbers for other Wii U titles that offer a more hard core theme.

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