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New IP will come with next consoles

by on01 November 2012


No place for new IP this late in the cycle

Electronic Arts is saving up its “creative bullets” for the next generation consoles, according to EA COO, Peter Moore. In an interview with Wired’s GameLife, Moore said, “…there’s no place for new IP this late in the console cycle.”

Moore explained that, “He can’t think of new IP that launches five or six years into a generation of hardware that is successful. It’s just not the time to do it.”

The comments made by Moore are interesting on a number of levels and it gives us something to look forward to with the next generation of consoles on the horizon. While Moore does not hint at anything specific, sources tell us that EA has a number of new titles planned for the next round of consoles, and this will likely include at least some reimagined IP from back in the day that EA owns the rights to.

Read all about it from Moore here.

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