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Forza Horizon demo too short

by on15 October 2012

Microsoft Studios

A good taste of what to expect

Those that have downloaded the Forza Horizon demo will get a good taste of what to expect from the game. The thing is, however, that after playing it we have to admit that it was a bit short and kind of over before it got really started.

While we don’t want to spoil the surprise of the demo, what we can tell you is that Playground Games has done a great job extending the world of Forza into a fun open world environment where we were able to go anywhere we could see and drive in a detailed and excellent looking open world environment.

While Forza fans might not be sure what to expect from this new entry in the Forza family, we found the addition to be fun; but with the demo it is hard to tell all that you could do with the game. What we can tell you is that it is open world, the cars are cool, the graphics look great, and the cars handle well. We expect that the game will appeal to both fans of Forza and those who just like the open world drop in and drop out racing.

You still have a limited time to download and play the demo before the game is released; and if you do you will get a special car with a special livery from Playground for checking out the demo. We are told that this car will never be released in any other way.

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