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Blezinski departs Epic Games

by on04 October 2012

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No clue what might be next

Epic Games has now confirmed by way of an announcement on its web site that Cliff “CliffyB” Blezinski has departed Epic Games after working there for two decades. This isn’t a sabbatical; he is actually leaving the company for a much needed break, according to Blezinski.

The sheer shock of this news has left most of us with little to say. How do you say that he has changed the gaming world without thinking about all of the great things that he has accomplished? While no one knows what Blezinski might be doing next, multiple rumors are suggesting that he will take some time off and then eventually (at some point in the future) start his own new studio. Of course, we think it is much too early to speculate.

Our sources tell us that the parting was friendly, with no hard feelings on either side. Of course, there are rumors of a possible collaboration with Adrian Chielarz of People can Fly, who also recently left Epic. While it is important to point out that these are only rumors and we suspect that Blezinski will take a break, we believe he will dive back in at some point in the future. It is hard to speculate what he might be doing when he comes back on the scene.

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