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GameStop almost at pre-order allocation on Wii U

by on18 September 2012

Wii U

Deluxe sold out, and Basic won’t last much longer

Sources from the GameStop empire have confirmed to us that they are already sold out of their pre-order allocation of the Deluxe configuration of the Wii U; and at the rate that the Basic configuration is selling, it will not be much longer before GameStop is sold out of their entire pre-order allocation for the Wii U.

Store employees are being told nothing about the possibility of additional stock or when that stock might arrive. The number of pre-orders for the Wii U has surprised the GameStop employees that we have spoken with, who admit that they didn’t think it would take off for pre-order as it did.

According to our sources, in all likelihood GameStop will get additional inventory of the Wii U to sell, but it is difficult to say in what kind of numbers it will arrive. With the news that supplies will be tight and the number of units available in North America will be limited, it would seem that many will not be able to get the Wii U that they seek for the holidays.

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