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THQ trims more jobs

by on23 August 2012

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Not the developers this time

As THQ continues to fight for survival, the company still faces very difficult decisions. This time around, it has elected to bypass the developers and instead “trim” the marketing and production teams. Sources say that 20 THQ employees were affected by this latest round of cuts.

While THQ says publically that it is necessary restructuring, employees are expected to continue to worry until at least the end of September, according to our sources. THQ has said that 10% of its workforce was redundant with the new restructuring process.

The shift is best described as a move to fund development on the key projects that the company is focused on. As part of this process we hear that some development teams at THQ could even experience some small headcount increases.

The first game (from what we are calling the new “Lean THQ”) was finally released and Darksiders II, despite the delays, scored well in reviews; but we don’t yet know how that translated into actual sales numbers yet. Our retail friends describe sales of Darksiders II as “steady,” which has to be a good sign for THQ.

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