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Kickstarter for Shadowrun Online reaches goal

by on15 August 2012

y money

Exceeds goal amount by 10 percent

It didn’t look very good for the Kickstarter project of Shadowrun Online to reach its goal amount. With about 10 hours to go, the funding was about $30,000 short of making it happen.

However, as the hours ran down the funding increased. The project will be funded with a total of $558,863, which is 10 percent more than was needed in the first place.

Shadowrun Online didn’t enjoy the success that the Shadowrun Returns did getting Kickstarter financing to produce the new game. Shadowrun Returns game out of the gate is quickly reaching its target goal and exceeding it by a large amount.

Shadowrun Online seems to move along at a much slower pace, but did finish strong and was able to pull enough folks together to get the title financed to be made. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that Shadowrun Online will get an Android/Ouya version as part of the project, so you can chalk up another title coming for the Ouya platform.

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