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Rovio shows trailer for its next game

by on11 July 2012

Amazing Alex puzzle game

Rovio, the company behind the famous Angry Birds franchise, has released a trailer for its new game, Amazing Alex.

Introduced back in June, Amazing Alex is your standard puzzle game similar to the quite famous "The Incredible Machine" series. It puts you into a role of the kid Alex where you can use a bunch of objects and set them to interact in chain reaction in order to create an elaborate Rube Goldberg device and achieve a certain goal.

The good part of the story is a level creation option that will give users an option to create and share their own levels and judging by the Angry Birds series, we are pretty sure that Rovio will do good with this one as well.

The game will be available as of tommorow when it should hit both Apple's iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Last modified on 12 July 2012
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