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Wii U might be able to handle StarCraft II

by on20 June 2012


PC still the optimal platform for the game

Before those considering a purchase of a Wii U get too excited, Dustin Browder (who is a lead designer for StarCraft II) has apparently commented to Kotaku that StarCraft II might work on the Wii U, but don’t count on it ever happening, as the PC is still the optimal platform for the title.

In what seems like some theorizing, Browder talks about some of the concepts that the StarCraft team have seen and considered to bring the title to the console world; from what he says, it just does not work very well for the effort that must go into a console game.

Control is the most important, and Browder suggests that you don’t want to play a game where it feels like you are battling the interface rather than playing the game.

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