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Angry Birds coming to consoles

by on07 June 2012


Activision has a deal with Rovio?

A teaser reel in the Activision booth shows one of Rovio’s Angry Birds. Sources seem to think that Activision has brokered a deal with Rovio that will see Angry Birds arrive for console systems.

While no one is talking about it, whispers that we hear suggest that a deal has been struck, and we will hear all about it in the weeks ahead. Despite wanting to have the deal done for E3, there are apparently a few more things to sort out, according to our source.

While Angry Birds on console platforms has been talked about before, it has always seemed to be just talk that never leads to anything substantial. Instead, it turns out to be more rubbish than anything else. This time, however, with seeing it in the Activision booth, we have to think there could be something more substantial this time around. You never know.

It might be that the Angry Birds are coming to consoles, but not the Angry Birds games that we all know and love. This is just something to think about and fuel the speculation.

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