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Gamers petition for Diablo III offline gaming patch

by on01 June 2012


Instead of a $60 leash

We must admit that we never expected Blizzard to resort to lousy DRM methods, especially ones that have already proven to be more than a bit faulty. Unfortunately, the company did just that with Diablo III, but it seems to have brought about quite a loud response from the masses.

Namely, gamers have put up a petition for a patch that would allow playing single player campaigns in offline mode. Quite understandably we’d say, since no internet connection means you can’t play the game you splashed out $60 on.

While the method may make sense someday, it’s far from the best option at the moment. Global internet coverage is still not at the level some companies think it is, and that’s without considering people that travel often and want to kill some time with their favorite game.

You can find the petition here.

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