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Huge Battlefield 3 patch coming June 4th

by on01 June 2012

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DICE confirms it for all platforms at once

DICE has confirmed that they will be dropping a massive update for Battlefield 3. It will be rolling out June 4th and 5th for all formats and platforms at once, according to the developer.

The patch comes ahead of the next expansion pack and the Battlefield Premium announcement that is planned for E3. The update encompasses a large amount of changes, including the M26 being fixed and the performance of the F35 in Back to Karkand is now equal to that of the SU35.

DICE has published the full change log so that you can see what to expect as a part of this patch. There is so much to this patch we suggest that you study the change log to get better familiar with it.

Read the change log here for the upcoming update.

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