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SWTOR team hit with lay-offs

by on23 May 2012

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Restructuring of BioWare Austin

BioWare Austin, developers of the Star Wars The Old Republic, is undergoing a restructuring, and as a result some lay-offs have been confirmed. Numbers have not yet been announced and no real reason was offered for the lay-offs.

BioWare confirmed that they still have more development ongoing and that the game is growing. Many strong initiatives are planned for the title that are expected to be announced at E3. The MMO will continue and get more development and support in the weeks and months ahead for many years to come, according to BioWare.

EA has stated that some of those being let go in Austin, Texas may move to other EA projects, while others will leave the company. So far, EA has not commented if the drop in subscribers from 1.7 million to 1.3 million is part of the reason for this move; but it certainly does not help matters, from where we sit.

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