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Bad Company 3 & Mirror's Edge 2 in development?

by on17 May 2012

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Could be what DICE is planning to show with EA at E3

For a while now we have known that DICE has some other things in development, but we have not had a real clue of what they were. It seems that by looking at LinkedIn you can find out what DICE is working on much more than you think. Resumes from those formally at DICE could indicate what we might see from the studio to be announced at E3.

While many have been saying that DICE has been working on Battlefield 2143 as the next release in the Battlefield franchise, it would seem now that Battlefield: Bad Company 3 might be the next release coming in the Battlefield franchise, provided typo. As for what else DICE could have up its sleeve, it is no surprise that, once again, the news that the long awaited Mirror’s Edge 2 could be in development and much closer to release and announcement is a first thought.

While Patrick Soderlund has said that the Mirror’s Edge franchise would be revisited at some point, it was only a matter of time before it happened. It would seem that an ex-software engineer claims that he was working on Mirror’s Edge 2.

We will have to see where it leads, but it could be a very solid prediction on what could be revealed at part of EA’s showing at E3. We do suspect that we will hear about Battlefield in some way beyond Battlefield 3 and the expansion packs and the upcoming premium service offering. Don’t bet against an announcement of a new Battlefield game to arrive next year.

Read more about the LinkedIn stuff here.

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