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360 Chrome controller released in Japan

by on24 April 2012


Unknown if Microsoft plans to release it elsewhere

Microsoft will be releasing a new “Chrome” looking controller in conjunction with Capcom with bundled bonus content for Dragon’s Dogma. Right now, this is a Japanese-only release, which is understandable, as the Japanese market can use all available advantages it can get to help with sales.

The Chrome controller has already become known and is apparently available in three colors: red, blue, and sliver. Those Xbox 360 players in Japan will be able to pick it up starting May 24th which the bonus Dragon’s Dogma cod, which adds eight special quests to the game. Dragon’s Dogma from Capcom releases the same day.

It is unknown if Microsoft is planning to release the controller outside Japan or not. We suspect that if sales are good and the controller is popular and players outside of Japan keep requesting that Microsoft release it, there is a good chance that they may do it. Microsoft has released a number of special and limited edition controllers in the past, so we have to admit that we think the chances are good.

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