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Next COD announcement coming

by on24 April 2012


May 1st during the playoffs on TNT

Activision has confirmed that they are planning an official launch announcement for the next chapter in the Call of Duty franchise.

This time around, however, Activision is looking to make a much bigger splash by announcing that the first worldwide reveal will take place on May 1st during the NBA Playoffs on cable station TNT. You will be able to keep track of exactly when the reveal will take place on TNT by the COD Reveal Countdown Time on the screen.

It is believed that the reveal will finally officially announce the Treyarch-developed Call of Duty Black Ops 3, but it is not known if that will be the official title this time around or not. (It seems that our sources are split on this.) We do suspect it will be a continuation of the BlackOps story in some way, however.

It is believed that Activision is still on track for a November release for the title. It will have competitors with both the next chapter in the Medal of Honor franchise and Halo 4, also to be released this November.

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