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BioWare backpedals, sort of

by on06 April 2012

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Free DLC will give Mass Effect 3 closure

BioWare claims that they are not really backpedaling, but it sounds like they are a little, if you ask us. The bottom line is they are planning a “Free DLC” add-on that will add new cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes that will give fans a better understanding of how their journey in Mass Effect 3 ends.

While BioWare claims that it will not change the actual ending, fans are able to get closure through this more complete explanation of the story’s end. In the spirit of listening to the fans, the studio has re-prioritized their DLC development efforts to complete what is now being called “The Extended Cut DLC.” Once released, the “Extended Cut DLC” will continue to be free till April 12, 2014, at which time we expect EA to start charging for it.

While the “Extended Cut DLC” is expected this summer, no exact date was announced; but it was confirmed that it would be offered for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC versions of the game. So, if you were going to trade in Mass Effect 3, you might want to wait.

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