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Durango unlikely to block used games

by on23 March 2012


Microsoft not ready to upset the ecosystem

In discussions with a number of sources today, it would seem that we are going to be proven right in the end. Microsoft is unlikely to incorporate a block that would not allow used games to be played on the Durango (Xbox 720). It seems that we are not the only ones now thinking that the reaction that Microsoft saw to the news really nipped in the bud any lingering potential thought of this.

GameStop CEO Paul Raines said during an Investor conference call today that, “We think it’s unlikely that there would be that next-gen console (that blocks used games) because the model simply hasn’t been proven that it works.”

We do think that the next Xbox 360 will incorporate new technology to help prevent the discs from being copied or the system from being hacked. As one source told us, “I just don’t think that gamers are ready for a console that is download-only or just only allows a game to be used on one console. Microsoft isn’t ready to upset the ecosystem just yet.”

Of course, Microsoft isn’t going to start talking about anything having to do with Durango at this point, and why should they? In the meantime, our hardware sources continue to tell us that the possible move toward a new solid state storage format is possible; but as we told you recently, we don’t think Microsoft is ready to ditch the disc drive. Even if one doesn’t come with the machine, we suspect they will offer it for backward compatibility, if nothing else. Sources we spoke with say Microsoft wants the new hardware to be backward compatible with the old games, and we now believe that this is a given.

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