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Porsche comes to Forza 4

by on06 March 2012

Microsoft Studiosea

30 of them in expansion pack

Finally, Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have been able to achieve an agreement with Electronic Arts that will see Porsche cars come to Forza 4. EA, who owns the rights for the use of the Porsche cars in video games, would originally not work out a deal with Microsoft and developer Turn 10 so that Porsche cars could appear in Forza 4.

An agreement has finally been reached; and as a result Forza 4 will get a Porsche expansion pack that will add 30 new Porsche models, including 7 new models that have never been in any previous Forza game. In addition, the Porsche pack will add 20 new events for the World Tour mode, which should add an estimated 5 more hours of game play. The pack will offer 10 new Achievements worth a total of 250 points.

While the final lineup of cars has yet to be confirmed by Turn 10, we know that many favorites will, of course, be a part of the DLC offering when it arrives this May.  Pricing has yet to be announced, but it is expected that this expansion pack may cost more than the typical car pack offerings that Turn 10 has released up to this point.

According to sources, EA never wanted to block Forza 4 from offering Porsche cars in the game. Instead, EA wanted to find a deal that contained the right terms that gave equity to the license. It was more of a matter of getting the licensing deal done between the two companies that both offer driving games.

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