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Diablo III expected Q2 2012

by on10 February 2012


New COD title to arrive in 2012

Activision Blizzard has released their 2011 Q4 financials. As you might expect, they did well last year, but lost 100,000 subscribers to Warcraft; but that does not matter when you still have 10.3 million more subscribers. Besides that, they made a lot of money, and we will not bore you with those numbers.

Instead, we can tell you what else they talked about. Diablo III is apparently on track for a Q2 2012 release, and it looks like they will make that May/June targeted time frame. There will be a new Call of Duty title this year that will feature what they are calling “meaningful innovation,” so we are assuming that it is something more than just a sequel to Black Ops.

It was also announced that they expected the release of a second title from Blizzard this year, which (although not called out by name) is expected to be the Heart of the Swarm expansion for the new StarCraft II.

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