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PS Vita downloads to be cheaper

by on01 February 2012

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Confirms retail purchase more expensive

Sony has confirmed that purchased of titles made via digital download will be cheaper than purchases made at retail. Sony has not yet said what the cost difference will be between the digital download and the retail purchase, but more information is expected in the coming days as we creep closer to the North America release.

Sources tell us that the discount is likely to be the 10% to 15% range at the most. Despite rumors of much higher discounted pricing, our sources say that this is likely the way Sony will handle it, at least starting out.

Sony experimented with total digital delivery with the PSPGo and the unit met with not much real success. This time around it is expected that with the discount Sony is actually applying what it learned with the PSPGo to help move more consumers toward digital download as their method of choice. What better way to do that than by offering a discount as incentive?

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