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Xbox Next to use Blu-ray discs

by on26 January 2012


Considering not supporting used titles

More details of Xbox Next are trickling out from a number of sources. Perhaps the biggest no brainer is that Xbox Next will use a Blu-ray drive in order to take advantage of much greater storage capacity over its current DVD format.

Rumors are also flying that Microsoft will embrace technology from the original Kinect and include a Kinect 2 with each console. Kinect 2 is said to feature the onboard processor that was dropped from the first version of the Kinect device. The onboard processor will offer better performance and faster detection than the current generation of Kinect. (It is doubtful that the improved Kinect 2 will be back ported to the Xbox 360 and it will be exclusive to the new console only.)

The one thing that Microsoft is apparently considering is to put some sort of authentication system into Xbox Next to prevent the use of used games.  It is difficult to say how they might integrate such technology into the console if it proves true.

The Xbox Next will feature an even smaller new controller that is said to improve upon the controller design that the company used in the Xbox 360.

Take it all with the grain of salt, as everyone is wagging their tongues at the moment and it is hard to tell what is accurate and what is not. We still have a long way to go, and don’t count on Microsoft to offer any clues as to what is next.

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