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Need more than 3 hours on Vita?

by on16 January 2012

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Nyko solution gives Vita more battery life

Well known peripheral developer Nyko has seemed to address one of the major issues with the PlayStation Vita which is the battery concern. While Sony rates the battery life of the Vita at between 3 to 5 hours, Nyko has come up with a way to get almost triple that.

While the solution isn’t pretty, the company has come up with the Power Grip, which is a docking station-like device with two controller style grips that contain a battery that will triple your Vita batter life to an estimated 9 to 15 hours.

While it isn’t perhaps as pretty as you would like, at $24.99 it could be a better long-term investment than buying more battery packs over and over again. If you don’t have access to a power sources and you can’t recharge, this could be just the ticket. It is certainly one option that is worth looking at if you need to use the Vita on battery power for longer periods of time.

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