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Is THQ up for sale?

by on16 January 2012

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All 2014 releases canceled?

A number of rumors have been circulating over the weekend that THQ is seeking a buyer. In addition, there have been suggestions that THQ has canceled its entire 2014 slate of releases.

The situation with THQ is pretty cloudy, but last year the publisher tightened up and slashed staff. This resulted in five studios or teams being laid off. In addition, the publisher also cut both Red Faction and MX Vs. ATV after sales were much less than expected.

We do know that THQ has around ten titles in the pipeline that are currently in development. The publisher also holds the WWE and UFC licenses which are considered to be some of the top video game licenses. Beyond that, the Publisher has Darksiders 2, Metro: Last Light that is scheduled for a summertime release. In addition, the publisher has number of other projects in development as well as a few publishing deals.

When you talk around the rumors that are circulating about the publisher, word is that THQ transferred some IP back to Disney. If these rumors are to be believed, the transfer of IP back to Disney was without a refund, as THQ had already paid the advance. It is unknown which titles or future titles this could affect.

While we don’t know what will happen with THQ, we find it hard to believe that this studio could end up in a Midway-like situation where they are forced to liquidate. While the THQ stock price isn’t setting the world on fire, we like to think that with the release of Saints Row: The Third, which gave the company a little bump and the upcoming release of the new UFC title, might help get things back on track. We suspect, however, if THQ is seeking a buyer, we have to think there will be a number of companies that would be interested.

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