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New Medal of Honor title in 2012

by on13 January 2012


Not a real surprise, as we suspected it

While we have been hearing the talk all along and although Electronic Arts has not officially confirmed it yet, the new Medal of Honor reboot that came out in 2010 will get a sequel in 2012. While sales of the rebooted Medal of Honor were not as high as EA might have hoped, neither the developer, Danger Close, nor EA closed the book on a potential sequel.

From what we are hearing now, the Medal Of Honor sequel to the 2010 release will arrive in 2012 and apparently has already been in development for some time now. In addition, we suspect that DICE will again be involved, but are unsure as to the level of involvement that they will have this time around.  However, we do expect that the game will be using the Frostbite 2 engine for everything this time around.

While some copies of Battlefield 3 contained an insert that suggested a sequel, beyond rumors that Danger Close was working on it thing have been silent till now. Expect to hear more from EA on this title soon, as sources tell us to expect a fall release.

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