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Tony Hawk to return

by on09 December 2011

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New game to be shown at VGAs

Skateboarding and video game superstar, Tony Hawk, has confirmed on his Twitter feed that we will be seeing a new trailer for his new game during the Spike Video Game Awards this weekend. While he does not go into detail, he does say that they have been working on something to get back to the root of what made the original games fun and they are attempting to recapture that.

This means that gone are the skateboard controllers and the last two offerings that were such a flop. After the failure of the last two releases the franchise has been on hold since 2009. While Activision never killed it from the possibility of a return, it has been said that the time would have to be right and the franchise would need to reinvent itself.

We will have to see what they have been up to, but with the return of SSX early next year, maybe the time is right and there is a window open for Tony Hawk to recapture video game glory with some sales to help offset the last two releases.

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