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360 Blu-ray add-on rumored again

by on12 September 2011

Here we go again, but this time it might happen
Rumors have ignited again and are burning strong that Microsoft is apparently closer to finally committing to the release of an add-on Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360. It seems this time around the Official Xbox 360 Magazine in Italy is to blame for getting this news started.

The deal this time around that we are hearing is that the add-on drive would add Blu-ray movie playback only and it would not be used for any kind of game storage. It does seem, however, an odd choice for Microsoft to offer this so late into the life cycle of the Xbox 360. The Blu-ray add-on would have to be offered at less than $100 to really give it a chance to be successful, which echoes the thoughts of others who have commented on the topic.

While the development timetable or potential release date is unknown, we suspect that the rumors are really nothing more than just talk. It does seem, however, that the Blu-ray option add-on would be valuable to Microsoft in that it would be able to play Blu-ray format movies (which have been catching on a little better); but we think they are still committed to downloading and streaming which makes the possibility of a Blu-ray add-on much less likely, but you never know.

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