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EA is looking to bring back old franchises

by on19 August 2011

Road Rash and the Strike series are being looked at
Electronic Arts is apparently looking at bringing back more reinvented versions of its old IP. EA Labels President Frank Gibeau suggested that the company has 25 years of successful IP, and Road Rash and the Strike series could be two that they are seriously looking at.

EA did attempt to try a reinvention of Road Rash a few years back, but the results we not what EA was hoping for, and the company canceled the project before it even really got going. Rumors of a Syndicate remake continue to circulate, but EA has yet to confirm it is working on such a project.

As for the Strike series, Desert Strike, Jungle Strike and Urban Strike were all very successful on the Genesis platform and offer much potential for a reinvented HD version. While it has seemed like a no brainer for EA to write another chapter to this franchise, the company has not elected to do it so far. Rumors do suggest that they have been considering it for some time, however.

While Gibeau offered no concrete information, the revival of the Medal of Honor franchise and the SSX franchise with no offering does seem to indicate that the company is serious about looking at it.

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