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Nintendo not to release Wii U price yet

by on05 August 2011

Will hold off till 2012 or release day
The biggest question that continues to surround the Wii U is how much will it cost? That is a question that Nintendo has let it be known is not going to be answered this year, at least. Beyond the company saying that it plans to release the Wii U sometime after April 1st 2012, we know little else about the launch specifics.

We have been told once again that the Wii U that was shown at E3 was in prototype form and is still in development. Simply put, Nintendo does not even know what it costs and what they can sell it for. To that end, we have now learned and confirmed through our sources that Nintendo does not intend to reveal the price till some point in 2012; or they might hold off till launch day, depending on the strategy they choose in the end.

One thing we know for sure is that whatever price Nintendo chooses they will not be slashing it right out of the gate. As we told you in another story, Nintendo fears that sales of the Wii U could suffer because of the recent price cut to the 3DS, with many consumers thinking that Nintendo will do the same with the Wii U. Nintendo assures us that, when announced, the price will be the price.

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