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Rally-X said to be next remake

by on03 August 2011

Likely to be called Rally-X-Rumble
Word is that the next Namco title to get the big makeover treatment in their Generations series will be none other than Rally-X. Word has it that Namco’s move is to trademark the name Rally-X-Rumble, which is what the new title is expected to be called.

While the 1980 release of Rally-X itself is a maze game with cars, it actually is a bigger scrolling version of Pac Man with some different strategy and play mechanics. The game was famous at the time for being quite difficult, but many insisted that the enemy cars followed a predictable pattern which helped some players to have a system they claimed helped them elude the enemy cars.

The Generations remake series has been pretty popular and successful for Namco. In addition to Rally-X-Rumble, the company apparently has both a Generations remake of Dancing Eyes and Aero-Cross in the pipeline as well. While we predict the possibility of much success for a Rally-X remake, the less popular and pretty obscure Dancing Eyes and Aero-Cross might not fare as well.

Sources tell us that Namco might be working toward the release of a Generations-only disc retail release in the future. It is believed that Rally-X-Rumble, Dancing Eyes, and Aero-Cross, plus the updated DX releases of Pac Man Championship Edition DX and Galaga Legions DX, are likely expected to be part of this collection. We are also hearing whispers that Burger Time Deluxe will also be part of this collection as well as a new re-imagined Pole Position. We will have to wait and see how accurate this actually turns out to be.

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