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Microsoft redesigns Bing

by on11 May 2012


Facebook elements in spotlight

In an attempt to catch up with Google, Microsoft has redesigned its Bing search engine. As we’ve grown to expect these days, the company included elements from social networking sites such as Facebook.

Microsoft’s online unit has lost more than $6 billion since launching Bing. Naturally, it’s still light years away from challenging Google. In fact, we’d say it’s as close to Google as Google+ is to Facebook.

So, the company is now rolling out a new three column design. Apart from the usual search results on the left, Bing will now feature an instant snapshot column. This feature will display extra information you may find useful.

Bing will now come with a ‘Facebook Friends’ column, enabling users to ask their friends’ advice on search. The search engine will also offer access to users’ contacts on Linkedln, twitter and other social networking sites.

When it comes to search engine usage, Bing stands at 15 percent market share, which isn’t too shabby. However, the ground it gained is attributed to Yahoo’s fall from grace. Google still stands as undisputed king at 66 percent share.

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Last modified on 11 May 2012
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