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Mega Man Legends 3 canned

by on20 July 2011


Capcom claims the title didn’t cut it
Capcom has confirmed that title known as Mega Man 3 Legends has been canceled. The company claims that the current development progress of the title apparently did not meet required criteria.

The game was announced back in September for the 3DS and it was a taking a unique development approach where the community was co-developing the game by providing input to the development team though interactions on the Capcom forums. Word on the forums confirms that the proposed prototype has also been canceled, as well as any additional work on the project.

Capcom in a released statement claims that the cancellation of the title had nothing to do with the departure of Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune last year. The company insists that the internal assessment of the game prior to it going into full production led to the decision not to move forward.

This is the second Mega Man title for Capcom to cancel. Last time it dropped the ax on Mega Man Universe. Rumors suggest that the company is not happy with the number of 3DS units that have been sold, and that could have influenced the decision, but Capcom of course has not confirmed this is the case.

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