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Playable GoW3 code hits the torrents

by on06 July 2011

Not representative of the final game build
It isn’t surprising these days when console games end up on the torrents for download before they are released in stores. Normally, this is within a week or two of the game’s release. As unlikely as it may seem, a playable build of Gears of War 3 has apparently made its way onto the torrent sites months ahead of it being released.

From what we have heard, it is a playable build that provides an early look at the single player campaign mode of Gears of War 3. While the single player campaign mode for Gears of War 3 isn’t even completed yet, Microsoft has been quick to say that what is contained in this unauthorized release isn’t representative of what will be in the final build of the game when it goes gold prior to release.

Microsoft is working with a number of security and law enforcement folks to address the situation, but whispers we hear point to huge frustration over the leak. We are sure that this isn’t the last we are going to hear about this; and rest assured that the investigation will continue until they figure out how, who and what allowed this security breach to occur.
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