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Free-to-play games headed to Xbox?

by on12 April 2011

Microsoft to cash in on micro-transaction mania
Could it be that Microsoft will dip its toe into micro-transaction mania with free-to-play titles? Our sources are suggesting that this actually might be the case, which seems to confirm what an anonymous source told IGN.

In the past, Microsoft has not really paid too much attention to these free-to-play games, but with the popularity of them growing, it seems only natural that Microsoft would want to get involved. Our sources suspect that Microsoft will be getting a slice of the pie with every micro-transaction that takes place. Depending on the success of the game, this could end up being a significant amount -- or not much.

Our developer friends expect Microsoft to release new programming infrastructure to support the free-to-play micro-transaction model. Of course, these friends also tell us that we can expect at some least some restrictions and requirements from Microsoft; but no one know what they might be.

Look to hear more about this soon and maybe as soon as E3, according to our sources, but don’t expect the free-to-play titles to arrive until at least early fall.

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