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Brink to arrive a week early

by on12 April 2011

Finished a bit ahead of schedule
Normally, we spend a lot of time telling you about software delays. For a change, we get to tell you about a game that was finished ahead of schedule. Yes, the developers at Splash Damage have finished Brink a little early and they have decided to bump up the release date to celebrate.

Brink will now hit shelves in North America on May 10th, rather than May 17th. For those in Europe, you will now only have to wait till May 17th, rather than May 20th. While the new date pushes the release out a little early, sources also tell us that this was done to make sure that the title didn’t have to go head to head with LA Noire, which might have led to fewer sales as the buzz about LA Noire increases.

According to insiders, production finished ahead of schedule and Bethesda figured there was really no reason to wait. Of course, the LA Noire factor also played into the decision, from the whispers we hear.

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