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EA confirms new basketball title

by on06 April 2011

Will not arrive till fall of 2012
Electronic Arts in confirming the release of another NBA Jam title also has confirmed that the company will take another whack at a NBA Basketball title as a new title is in development at Tiburon Studios in Orlando. This will be the first effort from the Tiburon team after EA killed NBA Elite 11 last year and moved all development of the NBA Basketball title to Tiburon.

The next NBA effort from Electronic Arts is slated to arrive in the fall of 2012, which means EA will go only with NBA Jam: On Fire Edition as their only basketball release in 2011. In the meantime EA Sports head honcho Peter Moore confirms that they have top development resources working on the new NBA title for 2012 and they have the goal to deliver a superior experience having learned a lot of lessons from the death of NBA Elite 11.

With three years to work on building a new basketball title, 2K Sports has to be a bit worried at what EA might end up producing and the possibility that it could be far ahead of the experience found in the 2K NBA titles. Of course we will have to wait and see what happens, but you would think that with three years to work on it, they will get it right.
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