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Is a new Ultima title in development?

by on01 April 2011

BioWare Mythic said to be working on it
Could Electronic Arts be working on a reboot of the Ultima franchise? It just might be the case, as the company acquired Ultima when it purchased Origin Systems way back in 1992. Recently, EA ordered some flash-based remakes of the game to take their sites down by issuing a cease and desist order.

After an absence that has lasted almost 14 years it could be that BioWare Mythic is working on a revolutionary MMO, and if creative director Paul Barnett’s reference to a “secret project” is to be believed, then it is quite possible that they are working on an Ultima reboot.

It is too soon to tell what EA might be up to, but it is possible that this could be what they are planning; and if the whispers that we are hearing are remotely correct, we should gain some insight into the new Ultimate project with an announcement at E3 in June.

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