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Crysis 2 to pass on Online Pass

by on08 March 2011

No ‘one use code’ to lock out used buyers
Developer Crytek has confirmed that their upcoming release of Crysis 2 (that is being released though Electronic Arts’ partners program) will not use EA’s Online Pass, the standard for nearly all recent releases from the publisher.

The fact that Crysis 2 isn’t using the Online Pass code means that players that opt to purchase a used copy of Crysis 2 will be able to play the game online. No code or purchase is required for online play. Normally, titles that have come from EA include a code that is necessary to unlock the online play for the title, or users have to pay $10 to purchase the multiplayer unlock from the console store.

The reason that Crysis isn’t using the Online Pass system has more to do with the fact that Crytek is not an EA studio and the fact that EA’s distribution arrangement is though their partners program. From the whispers we hear, the Online Pass was an option that Crytek elected not to take advantage of, which is good news for those who buy their titles used.

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