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First Halo to get HD Remake

by on07 February 2011

To be called ‘Halo: Combat Evolved HD’
It would appear that our tipsters’ suggestions from a while back that Studio 343 (which is the internal Microsoft Halo studio responsible for the franchise) have apparently kicked off a project for an HD remake of the first Halo title.

What we know so far is that Saber Interactive is apparently handling the work on the project. The title is said to called “Halo: Combat Evolved HD” and will feature for the first time the entire content of the first Halo title at a 1080p resolution that is also said to offer 3D compatibility.

Halo: Combat Evolved HD will apparently use all of the original audio assets from the original release. It is expected that all of the maps and online play modes from the first release are also said to be included. It is said that the online co-op will be a part of the package.

While sources are telling us that this is slated for a November 15th release this year, no one at Microsoft or Studio 343 will confirm yet that this is their plan. While sources suggest that this will be announced at E3 in June, we have to suspect that there is at least some truth in this, if it is actually happening. Our take is that it would seem likely that Microsoft would want something for Halo to release for the Xbox 360 to release this year and this could be an excellent hold over till the next chapter in the Halo franchise is ready.

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