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Nintendo pleased with Black Friday sales

by on30 November 2010

Despite analysts expecting softer holiday sales
Nintendo is apparently pretty pleased with its hardware sales performance on Black Friday. The company claims that on Black Friday it sold 900,000 DS portable consoles and 600,000 Wii consoles, which is actually much higher than industry analysts that we spoke with prior to Black Friday expected.

Retailer sources that we spoke with believe that the new colors and bundles helped sales, but that was only part of the puzzle for Nintendo. Recent commercials for a number of just released and upcoming software offerings for the DS and Wii platforms didn’t hurt the company’s effort to move more hardware this holiday season.

While all of the numbers are not in yet, it does appear that Nintendo is poised to have a good holiday season. Software publishers for the Nintendo platforms are not so sure, according to those we spoke with. Despite being able to sell hardware, many Nintendo third-party software publishers have struggled to sell enough software for the platform. Software sales numbers for third-party titles continues to be higher on other platforms for most multiplatform releases.

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