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Burger King to promote Kinect with Whopper

by on02 November 2010

Will give away a Kinect bundle every 15 minutes
We know that Burger King is on board with Microsoft on the Kinect train and they have announced what we suspect is the first Kinect announcement that the fast food empire will be making. Between now and November 28th, those that order a Whopper value meal will have a chance to win a Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect bundle.

The King will be including codes with every purchase that can be used to enter drawings that will occur every 15 minutes for a Kinect bundle. Apparently, the promotion will only be running in North America. Winners will get a Kinect Bundle with the 4GB Xbox 360 and both the Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports titles and, of course, the Kinect sensor add-on to play it with.

The next phase for the Kinect promotion is likely coming in December, when it is expected that the company will announce another round of Xbox 360 Burger King-oriented titles for Kinect that will be sold this holiday season. As with the last Burger King offerings, it is expected that the titles will feature “The King” as the star of the new titles and you will have to have Kinect to play them.

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