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GameStop to add XBLA DLC codes on website

by on02 November 2010

Part of digital initiative going forward
GameStop has been talking a lot about their digital initiatives and true to their word, they have been getting far more aggressive in selling digital content. The next step in this plan comes with word that the company will be adding Xbox Live Marketplace downloads via a code for purchase directly from the GameStop website.

The news isn’t actually that surprising, as the company has been already adding Xbox Live Marketplace content and title download codes for sale within stores. The customer sees the Xbox Live Marketplace content in the form of cards hanging on hooks within the Xbox title section. After selecting what they want, they take it to the register where the clerk scans the card; and once the buyer completes the transaction, the code is printed on the receipt for the buyer to input into their Xbox to redeem the purchase, or the buyer can link their Xbox Live account (Gamer Tag) directly to their GameStop account so the content will downloaded automatically for them.

Amazon tried a similar website Xbox Live Marketplace sale program on their web site with reportedly mixed results. It is thought that GameStop will have much better success with the program, as the Xbox Live Marketplace content will be better positioned and sold to a target audience that is already there to look at gaming titles, which should give it an advantage. In addition, DLC add-ons will likely be shown with titles that link to purchase the extra content when you purchase the game itself.

The progression into the digital download arena will have to continue to be successful for GameStop to continue to be the player in the retail gaming market space, as publishers and developers have put a lot more emphasis in downloadable content going forward.

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