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Dance Central pulled at last minute

by on01 November 2010

Misprint in the manual said to be the issue
Kinect launch title Dance Central from Harmonix/MTV was apparently recalled from the disc replicators after an error was found in the manual that was included for packaging in the game. According to sources, the error in the manual amounted to a “misprint” and the manual will have to be re-printed for bundling with the title prior to release.

Apparently, the outer case insert will be re-printed, as well, with a different SKU to help retailers and distributors avoid any potential confusion. From our understanding, the title will still be available in time for the November 4th Kinect launch. That is a good thing, as this title is apparently one of the key showcase titles that is attracting the most buzz.

When Dance Central arrives, it will feature 32 songs with 600 dance moves that players will be able to do using the Kinect device. Players can compete against the computer or other players to score points by recreating the dance moves. It is said to be one of the most advanced titles of the initial launch titles for Kinect.

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