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EA could pull the plug on its MMA title

by on27 October 2010

Despite strong reviews, likely not the start of a franchise
Despite the strong reviews for the first EA Sports entry into the MMA arena, the title appears still board upon arrival. The EA Sports MMA title just isn’t selling and while whispers we hear indicate that EA was prepared for a slow start, the envisioned nothing like this slow of a start.

The bad news is that the slower than expected sales could lead to EA pulling the plug on the franchise sooner than expected. EA might be forced to cut their losses and it would appear that even thought they have a good title consumers are not noticing because it doesn’t carry the UFC branding. At least some analysts think that the lack of UFC branding is what is hurting the game as apparently the MMA title isn’t connecting with fans.

With THQ confirming that they have a long term deal in place, it is hard to believe at this point that EA will continue to go it alone with its MMA title. Unless sales start to take a drastic turn upward, we think that we will not see a sequel and EA will pull the plug on the franchise which will leave UFC THQ offering the only choice for fans.
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