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Microsoft not forcing the use of Kinect

by on26 October 2010

It is up to developers if they want to use it
Rumors that Microsoft is forcing both first-party and third-party developers to use Kinect are false, according to Microsoft VP Phil Spencer. A number of rumors have been circulating that Microsoft was pushing developers to move toward offering only titles that used Kinect.

While Microsoft is committed to Kinect, it does not mean that they are promoting the development of games that only use the device. Many gamers apparently fear that Microsoft has a controller-less future in store, but this is not the case.

Microsoft has a lot riding on the launch of Kinect, but it is apparently walking a fine line at the moment. Many Xbox 360 owners are still on the fence or have indicated little interest in Kinect. While it isn’t for Microsoft’s lack of trying to generate gamer interest in the technology, a number of gamers just don’t seem to be paying Kinect any attention.

Microsoft will have to tap in to the potential gamers on the fence and uninterested Xbox 360 owners if they hope to make the device a success. It could be a struggle for the company to reach these owners, but Microsoft is committed to make every effort to do so.

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