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Supply concerns delayed the 3DS launch

by on08 October 2010

Just could not get enough parts from suppliers
As we had predicted, Nintendo has now confirmed publicly that while they would have liked to have gotten the 3DS into the market for this holiday season it just was not possible. The reason that it was not possible is due to concerns over supply. Actually, the fact of the matter is they can’t get enough parts to build the device in mass production.

As we suspected, Nintendo could have launched this holiday season, but it was not possible to produce enough of the 3DS devices to meet consumer demand. According to sources, the available inventory would have been very limited, almost to the point where the number of units available to retailers would not even be close to what they could sell.

Nintendo is still apparently having issues getting all of the parts that they need to build the device, but the situation is improving and the company claims that it will make its launch schedule that it has outlined for the 3DS.

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