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3DS said to arrive in Japan on November 11th

by on28 September 2010

Seems likely with press event on September 29th
It seems the rumors of the launch date for the Nintendo 3DS will just not go away. Despite those that have said that it will not launch this year comes word from a number of sources that actually Nintendo has a press conference scheduled for September 29th where it is expected that they will announce the Japanese launch of the 3DS on November 11th in Japan.

We are not sure what this means, but some of our sources tell us that they believe Nintendo will tip its hand and announce its plans are surrounding the 3DS launch in both North America and Europe.

It seems that right now from the whispers we hear, the possibility of a launch of the 3DS in North America before Christmas is possible for late November or early December, but it is being called questionable at best; and if it happens, the numbers of 3DS units for the North American arrival will be limited. However, it could be a move out of the Nintendo playbook to create a shortage to increase demand for the device. It is thought that an early 2011 launch in Europe is likely.

Software support is one of the big reasons that Nintendo isn’t pushing the launch. Sources are suggesting that when the device launches it will not be with a big selection of titles, as the majority of the first major drop of 3DS titles isn’t expected till late Q1 to mid Q2 2011. If the launch date in Japan is correct, it is expected that it will launch with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Mario Kart 3DS as the major releases.

We only have a couple of days to wait to find out what the deal is; but we would not get too excited about things just yet, unless you happen to live in Japan.

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