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Kanye West wants Apple to build Trump an 'iPlane'

by on12 October 2018

And for once we agree with him

Popular beat combo artist and Trump luvvie Kanye West thinks it would be a really good idea if Apple built an iPlane for Donald Trump. While we don’t normally agree with Apple building anything for anyone, we think this might actually save the world.

West met with President Trump and floated the idea of ditching Trump's Air Force One in favour of an "iPlane 1" that he said should be manufactured by Apple.

West showed a proposed image of the hydrogen-powered plane to Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Neither West nor Apple came up with concept or the picture. It was developed by a freelance transportation and industrial designer named Shabtai Hirshberg, who told CNBC that he worked on the design as a graduate student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He had no idea West was pitching the idea in the White House. He also never suggested that Apple build the plane.

So, what are the implications of Apple taking over Airforce One?

Currently the Air Force One program costs $3.9 billion but based on Apple’s track record it would cost three times that. The plane will not be much different but the extra $7.8 billion would go to a big cash fund in Ireland.

Apple will insist that the plane is only repaired by underpaid college graduates which it will call Genii and will have to be replaced every year for new and improved features – such as a new ashtray.

The security on the plane will involve prayers to Steve Jobs, but if that fails then Trump’s chum President Putin will be on hand to take over the plane in case of an emergency.

The plane will look very nice, but the hydrogen will power more reliable propellers rather than more up-to-date jets.

Rubber bands will be used as a safety device if the pilot flies it wrong.

The on-board software will be written by Apple’s finest minds, which means that the moment it crosses a time zone, or enters an area which requires it to adapt to summer time, it will switch off all power and require a reboot. Since this usually happens five miles up, the plane will be equipped with a special plummet feature which will enable rapid return to the ground and a free distribution of hardware over a mile radius.

If Trump was onboard, Apple will have saved the world and destroyed so much expensive Apple gear in one move that there would be a knock on effect to the world's standards.


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